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Project teams

  • Team PCNA/PDNA

    • The technical assistance project “Post-conflict and post-disaster needs assessment (PCNA/PDNA): development of assessment capacity and tools” has led to the establishment of the EU PCNA/PDNA Coordination Support Office in Brussels.
      The Office’s objective is to enable regional and in-country capacity in Post-Conflict and Post-Disaster Needs Assessments to gradually take on a more prominent role, by directly contributing to develop common operational practices and tools with the UN, World Bank and regional organisations within the framework of the joint declaration of the UN, WB and EU.
      To that end, the project supports the further development of joint PCNA/PDNA methodologies, tools, training programmes, etc. and supports joint PCNA/PDNA mission in-country/in region (in coordination with EU Heads of Delegations and with the European External Actions Service (EEAS) and European Commission).
    • Team Members
    • (ANDP - rosivdA roineS) ítraM-atapaZ odraciR
    • (tnatlusnoC tcejorP) sotsrüF leunaM
    • (ANCP - rosivdA roineS) yelkcoH samohT
  • Team LIFE

    • As an advisory body of the Commission, the monitoring team provides technical and administrative assistance for tasks related to implementation of projects under the LIFE programme, with the target to contribute to the development of Community environmental policy and legislation.
      The monitoring team assesses the project’s progress at a technical level and ensures its coherence with the incurred costs
    • Team Members
    • (GIEE OMEEN fo rotceriD gniganaM) retlaW sennahoJ
    • (tnatlusnoC/rotanidrooC lanoigeR) ztimhcS ailenroC
    • (tnatlusnoC) nnamgreB xileF
    • (tnatlusnoC) ssarroB sraL
    • (tnatlusnoC) renuarB htuR
    • (reganaM tcejorP) regnirhöB gröJ
    • (tnatlusnoC) reyaM samohT
    • (tnatlusnoC) nnamrrifP aidualC
    • (tnatsissA tcejorP) srednaS ylimE
    • (tnatlusnoC) gnamiS ennA
    • (tnatlusnoC) avilS naJ
  • Team ROM-WBT

    • Results-oriented monitoring system of the implementation of projects of external cooperation for lot 6 for Western Balkans and Turkey.
      The purpose of the Results-Oriented Monitoring (ROM) system of the EC is to provide external, objective and impartial feedback on the performance of external assistance projects and programmes financed by the EC. Particip led consortium has been selected to run the ROM system in the Western Balkans and Turkey region (lot 6).
    • Team Members
    • (redaeL maeT) ennuD mloC
    • (redaeL maeT ytupeD) earcaM ahsaM