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 Burkina Faso, Chad, Mali, Mauritania, Niger

Production of the Sahel Alliance 5 years results report

The 5 years results report will include the following elements:
  • Analysis of the evolution of the national indicators included in the Alliance results framework in relation to the target values set by the G5 Sahel countries.
  • The analysis of the aggregated results of the projects included in the Alliance Sahel portfolio in line with the project indicators included in the Alliance Sahel results framework.
  • Analysis of the achievements attributable to the Sahel Alliance stricto sensu will beproduced, in order to show whatthe platform has collectivelyachieved and what its membersare achieving individually.
The following elements should be taken into consideration while drafting the report:
  • A qualitative analysis will be needed, particularly in terms of Sahel Alliance member organizations contribution to the provision of basic services;
  • The contexts of Sahelian countries (crisis, displacement of population, COVID-19, etc.) should be taken into account in the analysis of results where possible;
  • Where possible, the results obtained should be read with regard to the existing policy messages and the sectoral notes issued by the sectoral and thematic coordination groups of the SA in order to measure their operational translation