Project reference


Contract duration

 2024 - 2027


937,000 €




 Management, Monitoring & Evaluation

Third Party Monitoring and Evaluation IV

The main scope of the Third Party Monitoring and Evaluation (TPME) is to monitor the execution & implementation of EU funded projects in Somalia. The contractor will carry out monitoring missions in all the regions of Somalia. The contractor will be expected to conduct field visits in all the locations where the project activities are being implemented. The contractor will identify and describe suitable methods for monitoring taking into consideration the security situation and political context.
The EUD will request the contractor to carryout an analysis and/or a study yet to be decided for a particular sector/area that is highly relevant to the context in Somalia.
The contractor will utilise the agreed reporting tools to ensure quality, as well as, ensure timely submission of periodic deliverable progress reports.
The contractor will also deliver their findings and suggestions for improvement in programme management and results delivery.
The Specific objectives of thic contract are as follows:
  • Specific objective 1: To carry out regular independent monitoring of ongoing NDICI projects in Somalia.
  • Specific objective 2: To conduct analysis or studies on specific thematic issues upon request.
  • Specific objective 3: To provide recommendations and lessons learnes on all aspects of project implementation and progress in order for th eEU to better understand the various aspects affecting project implementation and delivery and adopt the remedial measures.