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The purpose of the Exploratory Mission is to collect factual information concerning this election process, in line with the criteria contained in the Commission Communication on Electoral Assistance and Observation [COM(2000)191]. The experts should also in particular:
1. Assess the pre-election situation in the light of international standards for democratic elections and national legislation. The assessment will cover: (i) Political situation, (ii) legal and electoral framework, (iii) election administration, (iv) voter registration, (v) party and candidate registration, (vi) human rights and fundamental freedoms, (vii) potential for electoral violence, (viii) traditional and online media, as well as social media, (ix) security aspects, (x) logistics and operational matters, (xi) use of electoral ICT and (xii) any other relevant issues relating to the elections and possible deployment of an EU EOM.
2. Assess, when relevant, the state of implementation of recommendations of previous EU election missions (both EU EOMs and EEMs).
3. Make necessary preliminary logistics related enquiries and provide advice on how to organise the operational component of a possible EU EOM.
4. Assess the security situation in the country, in particular in connection with the possible deployment of an EU EOM.
5. Advise on the composition, number and length of stay of the Core Team members and long and short-term observers of the EU EOM.
6. Draft tentative specifications and Terms of Reference of a possible EU EOM and related estimated costs and budget breakdown.
7. Assess the relevance of providing support to domestic observer organisations.
8. Acquire updated information on EU election support (both EU and Member States) and other major partners (Canada, Norway and Switzerland) and possible other major actors plans in this field, including in the area of electoral assistance.
9. Liaise closely with domestic and international election observation organisations that may be present on the ground regarding the preparation of elections.
10. Prepare a number of specific reports as outlined in section 'VI. Output' of these ToR.
11. If necessary, participate in the briefing of the EU EOM Core Team should the deployment of an EU EOM be decided.