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EC framework contracts

Invitation to submit your CV

If you are interested in working with us as an expert in any of the fields below, please submit your CV to us.

Particip's FWCs at a glance:

  • EC Framework Contract Services for Strategic Evaluations of the European Union External Action (EVA 2020)
  • EC Framework Contract Services for the Implementation of External Aid 2018 (FWC SIEA 2018)
    • Lot 1: Sustainable management of natural resources and resilience (consortium leader), together with Cardno Belgium in the CAPA EEIG
    • Lot 3: Human Rights, Democracy and Peace (consortium leader)
    • Lot 4: Human Development and safety net
    • Lot 5: Budget Support
    • Lot 6: Innovative financing for Development
  • EC Framework Contract Commission 2015
    • Lot 2: Communication (consortium leader)

For more details please see Framework Contract Management.