Your partner in change

Our mission

Nothing in this world is as certain as change. The management of change is a challenge that we at Particip are successfully committed to. Directing and shaping transformation processes is at the very core of our services.

Particip`s principle of consultancy work is based on participation in order to manage social, organisational or individual change. Technical inputs are only one important component to facilitate development.

To make it sustainable, it has to be based on people. Sustainable development therefore requires a people-oriented, participatory approach to management and consultancy.

Services from a thematic and sectoral perspective

Our tailor-made services support our clients in addressing the most urgent problems in the world: bringing poverty in all forms to an end, resolving conflicts and safeguarding peace, fighting inequalities to leave no one behind, and mitigating and adapting to climate change. Result-based management and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) are two important conceptual frameworks guiding all our services.

Services from a cross-cutting perspective

We continuously develop and integrate new types of services into our service landscape. We analyse carefully the needs and market developments of our clients. The competences and capabilities of our inter- and multidisciplinary teams cover the whole programme/project life cycle and address all SDGs.

Activities worldwide

Particip implements projects worldwide in various sectors providing a broad range of services. All our clients and partners benefit from our long experience in the development and application of project management, monitoring and evaluation methods.

We often provide our services in partnership with European firms and with a large number of partner institutions from the countries and regions in which we work.